CFL Phototherapy Stand

  • Sturdy mobile stand with height adjustment and easy swiveling of source box
  • Four, blue compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) emitting blue radiation with a peak at 450 nm specially used for hyper bilirubin treatment
  • Two day-light compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) for observation
  • Protective grill
  • Mirror coated reflector
  • Ir-radiance approx. 12-15 u watts/cm/nm2
  • Source cooling fan
  • Optional time totalise


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CFL Under Surface Phototherapy

Detachable source box can be used along with radiant warmer and infant crib
  • Four, blue compact flourescent lamps (CFL) emitting blue radiation with a peak at 450 nm specially used for hyperbilirubinaemai treatment
  • Two day-light tubes for observation
  • Protective grill
  • Irradiance approx. 20 uwatts/cm/nm
  • Source cooling fan
  • Optional time totaliser

Infant Crib

Sturdy mobile crib mounted on castors can be used along wih warmer stand, wall mounted warmer, phototherapy stand & as a seperate bed for neonates
  • Easy access of an infant from all sides due to clear acrylic collapsible side panels
  • Stainless steel baby tray with transperant slot to incorporate the facility of under surface phtotherapy
  • Acrylic baby tray for infant’s head up / down facility
  • Provision for positioning X-ray cassette
  • Lower shelf
  • Thick cushion matters
Tested as per following IEC Standards:
IEC 601-1:1998 + A1:1991 + A2: 1995
IEC 601-2-21:1994
IEC 60601-1-2,2001, 2nd Edition
Amendment A1:1996 to IEC 60601-2 21:1994